Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation stand up!!! Ha! I could never live in a tiny house, I suffer from the first world condition of having too much junk. However, anytime I find a TH marathon on, I am hooked. I watch and critique and every time I see a family of more than 2, I think "how in the hell are they going to make that happen!?" But every time they make it work...like magic, they build tiny luxury. During the latest marathon,  it clicked to me that we have a dang on a tiny house in our house. 


Eat and Drink Local (Pizza Review)

Fireside pizza is located in the historic Walnut Hills neighborhood. It is housed in a former firehouse and it gves you a hipster vibe and feel. It showcases the history of the people who once worked, slept, and ate there. If you look against the back wall, you will see the original fire pole that is nostalgic for many when they think of firefighters. Both of the kids asked if they could slide down and Avery searched the venue (from her seat of course) looking for a way to get to the pole.