Hello Friends,

The Ausmer family loves a good pizza. Well 3/4 of us do, LJ always complains when we eat it multiple times in one week. However, the other three Ausmer’s love it! I can personally eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even when I am following a strict GF diet, I will hunt down the nearest pizza shop that offers GF crust and order a pie topped with tons of salty swine and veggies (balance is necessary). This post is not about Pizza Hut, but their Gluten Free Pizza is the bomb! It is sweet, spicy and crunchy! Anyways, I digress…we have a few pizza reviews that we are excited to share with you over the coming weeks. but we wanted to dedicate our pizza kick off to a newish local joint, located in Walnut Hills (a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio). I have not even started the review and my mouth is salivating…help me, I am trying to eat right, but the flesh is weak.

Fireside Pizza


Fireside pizza is located in the historic Walnut Hills neighborhood. It is housed in a former firehouse and it gives you a hipster vibe and feel. It showcases the history of the people who once worked, slept, and ate there. If you look against the back wall, you will see the original fire pole that is nostalgic for many when they think of firefighters. Both of the kids asked if they could slide down and Avery searched the venue (from her seat of course) looking for a way to get to the pole.

When we walked in, I think we all felt good about our choice. The music was on point, it was a little mix of 90’s R&B and Pop and the patrons at their tables were laughing, and all appeared to be in no rush to leave the place. We clearly looked like newbies to the spot, because we stood for a few minutes waiting to be seated, but then quickly realized this was a seat your self establishment. The kids and I made our way to a booth seat, and LJ went to the bar to place our orders. We ordered one cheese pizza ($6) and one loaded pizza that they called meats ($18).

It did not take long for our pizza to arrive, piping hot and cheesy. Which is good, because we were ravenous. I am into Vamps right now so I have been using ravenous alot.  Both pizzas were served on a cardboard pizza plate thingy for us to enjoy. We had to get up to get our plates, which were paper, and there was a roll of paper towels on the table. It felt like home.

The Meat pizza was excellent, the sausage was tasty and fresh, and the other toppings all complimented it. The sauce was good, but I prefer a spicy sauce, but the kids and LJ didn’t mind the mild flavor. The cheese pizza was the perfect size for the kids, they ate the whole thing which is not unusual. They asked for parmesan cheese to top the pizza off, you know the finely ground powder type. They did not have any, but they did bring out freshly shaved parm that they use on salads, and the kid’s response was “BLAH.” They wanted the fake stuff. We played a few games at the table and watched through the open garage door cars zip past.  Overall the atmosphere was fantastic, hip, cool, and LOCAL.

The Details


Family of 4

(1) 9in Cheese

(1) 14in Meat Pizza

(3) drinks

for a grand total of $30.76. or $7.69/person

We give it 4 out of 5 slices!

The place was perfect for families and we will return!


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