We watch a lot of TV in this house…a lot. More than I care to admit sometimes. TV is not what it used to be back in the day. The plot lines are developed with sophistication and offer a depth to characters that we didn’t see 20 years ago. I still think about Christina Yang, M.D., Ph.D., from Grey’s Anatomy. She was the friend that I only talked to once a week, but we always had a connection. I MISS YOU YANG (I am having a moment).  Even cartoons are a little deeper than what I grew up on. Let’s face it, the Road Runner was not funny and was a tad inappropriate. There are some greats like Rugrats, the Proud Family, and Recess that I watch too, but I sit-down now and get wrapped up in a cartoon just like the kids. Imagine me sipping a beer and laughing at Alana, Doc or Sophia or cheering on the PJ Mask Team.

Just like their parents the boy child and the girl child love TV with a good storyline. I realized one Saturday about a year ago that we might be overdoing it. I was on one TV locked in for a binge, the hubs were hanging out on another, and the kids were sharing one iPad with their eyes glossed over watching something too. We were zombies…and I was kind of embarrassed.

To be fair to the husband and I, during the week the kids do not watch a lot of TV, but on the weekend it stands in as the perfect nanny for hardworking parents when you need some peace for yourself. I am not sure how other children are, but my kids like attention, they want you to witness every moment of their life, and I do too, but sometimes I/we just need a break. But to be honest, we were over doing it. We were not tracking how much time they were spending on their devices, and we were also disconnected from what they were watching. So I had an epiphany, be a better parent! I called down to my husband and said, we have got to get a handle on this TV shit. We need to control how much time they are on their devices in Zombieland, eyes glossed over, losing brain cells. So I created technology tickets.

What’s a technology ticket you ask? It is a laminated piece of paper that reads,”Technology Ticket–Good for 30 Minutes of Screen Time.” The kids get two a day. They must physically hand us one, and then we start the timer. If we catch them watching without giving us a ticket, they lose all privileges for the day. The ticket has become a part of our family routine. Some days they use both, others they don’t use them at all. They are even accountable to each other, Avery will often say to Jackson, “Did you ask for a technology ticket first?” I know some parents are rolling their eyes saying and scoffing at an hour a day, but I don’t care. Keep your judgmental thoughts to yourself. If this blog weren’t PG, I would have a few more choice words, but I am trying to grow, LOL. In the meantime, we are just over here trying to raise two kids, with no manual and enjoy life…together.

You might want to use these too, here is a link to our Technology Tickets

A few notes…

–Our kids do not have TVs in their rooms

–They go to bed at 8:30 pm

–They must finish homework before technology


P.S. Sometimes we fail…


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